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What Do We Do?

Talixa Software & Service, LLC. has experience writing software for any business need. Whether you are looking for cloud software, desktop applications, mobile apps, custom hardware prototypes, or artificial intelligence development; we can provide solutions to empower your business!

Cloud Applications

With experience in all the latest technologies, we can create cloud applications and websites to solve any business problem you may encounter, no matter how complex. We have worked with clients to create websites, custom eCommerce solutions, internal business applications, and cloud-based software.

Customer Data Entry
Inventory Control
Business Management
Desktop Applications

Some applications are just better run from your desktop. These applications are part of an open-source package of communications tools available for download on BitBucket.

Spectrum Analyzer
Steganography Software
Binary Data Viewer
Mobile Apps

Talixa ranks among the top 10% of all Android app developers by AppBrain for number of downloads as well as number of reviews and among the top 5% of all developers for number of apps available. We have a variety of applications available for both Android and iOS. This includes software for encryption, ham radio, steganography, herbalism, foraging, survival, and games.

Pocket Forager
Ham Radio Log
Antenna Tool
Ham Radio Tools
Custom Hardware Prototypes

Trying to build custom hardware for your business? We can help too. Whether it runs Android or custom microcontroller code, we can help build your hardware prototype.

Telemetry Sensor Board
Android-based Breathalyzer
Android-based Response Time Board
Artificial Intelligence Research & Development

Looking to integrate artificial intelligence into your business? We can help with computer vision, neural networks, image classification training, regression, clustering algorithms, or any other use of AI. Talixa uses technologies such as R, Octave, OpenCV, and NVIDIA Jetson as well as custom development in Python, C, and Java.

Computer Vision