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Penetration Testing Services

With the growing threat of hackers and ransomware, as well as the high cost of dealing with recovering from an attack, it's no longer enough to setup firewalls and keep your servers patched. Now, you need to actively test your security through penetration testing. We can help examine all aspects of your organizations physical and network security to ensure your data - and the data of your customers - is safe. Our staff is certified in network security with both CompTIA's Security+ and PenTest+ certifications.

We are proficient with a variety of tools such as Kali Linux, Maltego, nmap, Nessus, Metasploit, BeEF, Burpsuite, HashCat, John the Ripper, and AirCrack. These tools allow us to gauge the security of your network through actively attempting to break in. Armed with the knowledge of the weaknesses revealed by our testing, we can help you harden your servers to limit the ability of hackers to access your data.

Whether you are subject to HIPPA or just trying to protect your customer's PII, penetration testing should be an integral part of your current security posture.

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